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Review By Elizabeth Johnson

Writer for 'Delicious Line':

"...Janet Maya’s partially erased faces depict Quaker-like humility congruent with a loss of identity. My gaze lingers over the balance and reversals of Girls 2, returning for refreshment to four submerged feet..."

Review By András Szántó 

Writer, researcher, and consultant in the fields of art, media cultural policy, arts sponsorship, and philanthropy: See it here


"...The soul of the show, however, may be Janet Maya’s 2017 painting, Blessing, with its single faceless female figure holding her hands together in a redemptive gesture of prayer, rendered with the forms and pastels of Milton Avery. Another work by Maya, placed in the gallery’s window, speaks to the hopes and fears of the moment: two almost identical female figures, one black and one white, that achieve a poetic unity despite their outward difference..."

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